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Jun 16th, 2024 by . Posted In Site News

Hey everyone, just a small update from the team. If you’ve stayed in touch with the game’s development via our social channels, most of this will be things you might already have heard.

First to adress the elephant in the room: Previously, based on internal factors, predictions and discussions, we communicated that we were aiming for a potentional Q1 release for the next update. Due to a variety of reasons this didn’t come to pass. A lot of this has to do with unforseen circumstances in the personal lives of various team members, amongst other reasons of course. As the team is small and works on the game as a passion project, sometimes this has big effects on the planning of the game’s development. Addittionally, we will also not deny that the Q1 aim was perhaps too ambitious, given the scale of updating that we’re tackling.

After the missed deadline there was an internal discussion in the team on what the best way forward was, PR-wise. We decided our main goal was to continue working on the update and clearing goalpost tasks to instead try to release as soon as possible. After getting some input from the community in retrospect we now realise that this was the wrong choice, as we should’ve just given a heads up instead.

We appreciate the continued patience and enthousiasm for the next update. We’re getting closer and closer to clearing the goalpost tasks and roadblocks for better looking and smoother play in the next update. For the time being we’ll refrain from giving any indication of the timeframe of the next release. We will finish the update first and then let the community know.