SSF2 Dev Blog #13 – Character Redesigns

Welcome to your weekly dose of Dev Blog! I’m 194, one of the old school developers of Super Smash Flash 2. Among other things, I’m at charge of managing Audio and Music and you might have read my name in the previous Music Blog. Either way, that’s not what we’re here for tonight.

As we always say, “everything is subject to change”. “Everything” includes characters, designs and movesets. Today we’re going to explore two characters who have received deep gameplay changes from v0.9b to Beta. Some of them might as well be introduced as newcomers.

But let’s go one by one and visit a character who has been in the eye of our fanbase for quite a long time already.

Come on, bring it! Come on, bring it!

As you are probably already aware thanks to our latest Direct, Lloyd has received a few new moves and some interesting aesthetic changes. As usual, we were not satisfied with just that. Lloyd has received some important moveset changes as well and that’s what we’re going to cover now!

One of the most widely-noticed changes in our Direct (and the subsequent Smash Con stream) was that Rising Falcon, Lloyd’s Down Aerial, was nowhere to be found. It being such an iconic move, we decided to not remove, but rather just to move it. Where, you ask?

Down Special: Rising Falcon

To Down Special! When used in midair, it will behave like the move you all remember – albeit a lot stronger than before.

...Falling Falcon! ...Falling Falcon!

When used from the ground, though, Lloyd will first leap upwards in a puff of smoke and then dive downwards at a 45° angle. The attack is two hits, and carries opponents from the initial weak hit into a much more powerful final hit. Make sure to use it for KOs!

Side Special: Tempest

Lloyd’s new Side Special, Tempest, involves him jumping straight forward while spinning. The leap itself is not too long, but be careful! If you don’t find any obstacle, Lloyd will fall helplessly to his doom.

Little Lloyd visits the blast zone. Little Lloyd visits the blast zone.

If you DO find an opponent…

Ouch! Ouch!

Lloyd will deliver several hits while rising. This attack does not KO very well, but it racks up considerable damage. It can also hit shields, so it might be a good idea to try it on a defense-happy opponent.

And I know what you’re thinking about now. “Where’s my Sonic Thrust?”

Here it is! Here it is!

Considering it’s a Dash Attack, Sonic Thrust is not usable in mid air anymore and can be punished on Shield. However, it’s even more powerful than before, so don’t underestimate it!


Demon Fang remains mostly the same. Keyword being mostly, as it has received a couple important changes. First, it hits opponents in a more vertical angle which to allow for better followups. Second, cooldowns have been touched up. A single Demon Fang is now effectively faster than Double Demon Fang.

Other attacks have been edited as well. Lloyd now has a new forward tilt, down smash, edited throws and a brand new third jab, which is a multi-hit!


I’d like to introduce five moves that have been updated in varying degrees

Nair is a quick cross slash that adds to his combo game Nair is a quick cross slash that adds to his combo game

Just as quick and deadly as before! Just as quick and deadly as before!

I don’t carry two swords just for show, you know. I don’t carry two swords just for show, you know.

Keep on juggling! Keep on juggling!

Dair is now a drill with a powerful finishing hit. Dair is now a drill with a powerful finishing hit.

As you can see, Lloyd has received a big amount of new animations and attacks which help him feel much more at home, much closer to his origin series, and much more balanced.

Now, we’re going to discuss a newcomer! Or a veteran? Well, kinda both.

As you’ve already seen in our Smash Con trailer, Mega Man has been completely resprited for SSF2 Beta, incorporating elements from his Smash 4 incarnation. You’ve also hopefully noticed that he isn’t without elements from his previous incarnation either. Mega Man’s moveset is a blend, mixing elements from both SSF2 v0.9b and SSB4 with a couple brand new moves. Let’s study his new moveset in detail.

As you noticed, most tilts and smash attacks have been changed to their SSBWiiU/3DS counterparts.

You should know where each of these attacks are used.

Some moves remain the same as you knew them in v0.9b

Not without visual touch ups of course!

Down aerial and up aerial have been edited to stay closer to their SSB4 iterations, and we have added Jewel Satellite as his new Neutral Aerial.

Multi-hit and a decent combo tool? I’m sold. Multi-hit and a decent combo tool? I’m sold.

For those who come from Smash 4 and are keeping track, this might be confusing. Mega Man in SSBWiiU doesn’t have a neutral aerial, or a forward tilt, because those slots are used by his Mega Buster. But if he HAS those attacks in Smash Flash 2… where did Mega Buster go?

Neutral Special: Mega Buster

Since his very inception, Mega Man’s arm cannon has equipped this useful projectile. In Beta, it can be used as his neutral special. Just press the special key to shoot!

Pew pew pew! Pew pew pew!

If standing still is not your thing, you can move around by walking and jumping. Keep in mind that this projectile is not very strong…

What? You want to fight me with that little pea shooter? What? You want to fight me with that little pea shooter?

That is, unless you charge it.

…Never again. …Never again.

As usual, Mega Man can also hold the button to charge which will make the next shot you release larger and more powerful. This change alone makes this projectile very versatile as it can be just a quick weapon or a powerful KO option.

Side Special: Crash Bomb

Aside from being relocated, Crash Bomb is still the same attack you all know and love. Shoot it and it will latch on the closest opponent it hits.

Tag! Tag!

The bomb will detonate on its own after some time, but if you can’t wait any longer just press the button again.


Up Special: Beat Call

Beat, the trusty robot bird, carries Mega Man upward. This is Mega Man’s main recovery move. Beat is not very fast, but it will get you where you need to be.

Up we go! Up we go!

Make sure you get back to the stage as Beat can only be called once before touching ground. You can also perform a couple defensive options if an opponent tries to catch you.

Go away! Go away!
And don’t come back! And don’t come back!

Did you see that? When Mega Man uses Beat, he receives Super Armor, meaning he won’t flinch on hit. This protection means Beat is not only useful for recovery, as he also can provide safer aerial approaches. Keep in mind that Super Armor will go away shortly after you cancel the move.

Down Special: Water Wave
We’ve reserved the new for the last. In Beta, Mega Man has a brand new special move: Water Wave, from Mega Man 5! When used, Mega Man will shoot a small shot of water that does very little damage or knockback. When it hits the ground is when it really shines, though – the one shot of water splits into 9 waves that are sure to set foes up for a combo!

These two are just the tip of the iceberg as far as character changes in Super Smash Flash 2 Beta goes. From physics tweaks, to resprites, moveset changes, effects, SFX and more, Beta is shaping up to be an impressive update to the game.

That’s all for today’s blog! It would only be fitting to end this blog with a video. A match between the two characters using a work in process build of the game. Lloyd vs Mega Man, as seen in SSF2 Beta!


Hang on…


OH RIGHT! Wario, I’m so sorry, I totally forgot you were meant to appear in this blog… I know you’re upset, but please understand, the blog is up and everyone read it already! I’d love to offer next week’s blog but that’s for TSON, and I don’t think he’s-


Oh no! Hear me out. We’ll schedule a special blog just for you. You and maybe one other guy in your condition. Maybe not the next one, but it will be yours to shine. Is that enough?

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I’ll take that as a yes.