Release: SSF2 v1.1 Now Available


It’s time!

We’ve made the executive decision to split the next patch in two! Unfortunately this means that Final Smashes will have to wait a bit longer. Final Smashes are heavy in the Special Effects department and we are actively looking for talent to join our lone special effect artist to help get things done. If you have any connections that may be able to help, please have them apply at


While today’s update is split from our original plans for this update, it will still be called v1.1.0 due to the massive number of changes included (just explaining what was changed has required over 16,000 words in the full changelist) and how important and overdue some of these changes are. You’ll find that things are very well-rounded from Online Mode improvements to balance changes to the game itself being a LOT less laggy. We hope that with this “in-between” patch we can ease the wait for Final Smashes a bit.


Up next, we are gearing up for Super Smash Con (less than two weeks away!), so expect the rest of this update, including Final Smashes and some new content, soon after. Many of our developers will be meeting up in VA in a matter of days. Don’t forget to keep checking our Twitter, Facebook, and right here at for updates, including a link to our Super Smash Con 2018 livestream on Twitch.


For now, here’s some highlights from the major changes in the still-quite-massive v1.1.0 update:

  • MASSIVE performance improvements, especially when playing for extended periods of time.
  • Support for “Trades” (when two players hit each other at the same time with attacks, both take damage)
  • Online mode’s “Low” latency setting has been replaced with “Auto” which will automatically choose the option that is best for you
  • Online mode allows you to limit the number of users allowed to join your room
  • Fixed miscellaneous events that you couldn’t get hit on the frame immediately before (landing, grabbing a ledge, etc)
  • Support for “Grab breaking” (when two grabs touch, neither player wins)
  • Characters no longer slow down when going faster than their max speed in the air if the player is holding forward
  • Characters’ dodge rolls standardized


Browser players can play the latest update now on our SSF2 page.

Desktop clients will auto-update upon opening the game, or you may download the game directly from our downloads page.

As usual, please visit our Changelog page to get full details on the latest changes.