Site Launch / SSF2 v1.2 Released / MG Insiders

Site Launch

It’s official – is now the new home for all things Super Smash Flash!

Super Smash Flash 2 Beta will still be available at its original home on McLeodGaming for the time being as well, but MG is transitioning to become more of a hub so that fans like you can get more focused attention on the individual MG products they love. And not to fret – you’ll always be able to find us on through MG’s Games page for the foreseeable future.

SSF2 v1.2 Released

That’s right, the v1.2 update for SSF2 Beta is finally here! To play/download, head on over to our SSF2 page:

Here’s a brief summary of changes:

  • Simon, Krystal, Rayman, Ryu, Lucario, and Waluigi added as playable characters
  • Kirby, Ness, and Sora have been fully resprited
  • Re-introduced the Smash Ball
  • Over 150 true palette swap costumes added
  • Revamped Menu UI
  • Blood Sword, Poison Bomb, Screw Attack, and Trophy Stand items added
  • Projectile priority/clank issues have been addressed
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes and balancing
  • Lots more! (Click here for the full changelog)

Please note as we mentioned in our last post there will still be a small handful of final smashes missing from this patch. But in case you missed the news, starting in March you’ll be getting updates every 2 months with our new Rotation Release Cycle! So fear not, with regular updates we’ll be able to address those concerns in no time (with a few surprises along the way!)

MG Insiders

Also with this release comes the debut of McLeodGaming Insiders (or “MG Insiders” for short), a new mailing list dedicated to all things MG! From this free email subscription you’ll be able to read special MG announcements right in your inbox, in addition to getting exclusive inside information about things before the general public.

To kick off the commencement of MG Insiders, there’s a special promotion running where subscribers will receive access to SSF2 patches a day before the general public for a limited time! If you’re interested, go ahead and follow the link below to sign-up!

As a final note, be aware this website is just getting started so there may be some kinks to work out. Feel free to hit up our Contact Page page if you run into any issues.

Oh, and fun fact- You can also arrive here via 🙂