SSF2 Update v1.2.3 Released

Our Rotation Release Cycle has brought yet another round of goodies for SSF2! Play the latest version today by heading over to SSF2’s game page:

Here’s a summary of changes below:

  • New costumes: Ness and Black Mage
  • New Assist Trophy: Bullet Bill
  • New Pok├ęball: Wobbuffet
  • New smash attack charging effects
  • Melee-style shield stopping added
  • Luffy item throw animations added
  • Improved memory allocation performance
  • Gamepad input polling speed increased
  • Gamepad device detection polling lag spike mitigated
  • Added ability to exit Waiting Room during online matches
  • Removed automatic refresh in online mode room listing
  • Playing replays no longer overwrites tap jump / dash settings
  • Fixed crash on saving replays that have invalid filename characters in player tags
  • Improved rolls on slopes and overall roll distance precision
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes, balancing, and more

Check out the full official changelog here for more: