SSF2 Dev Blog #8 – Stages

Hello, and welcome back once again everyone! I am Zero Insanity, a senior developer that’s somewhat a jack of all trades on the team. It seems that one of the core parts of the game has yet to be discussed. That is of course, you guessed right, stages! So today I’m honored to go over some of the stages for SSF2 Beta. Let’s get started!


I know you’re just itching to see the new stages in SSF2 Beta first – we’ll get to those in just a little bit, so don’t you worry. Instead, I’d like to present to you that a stage you probably know, has gotten a fresh new coat of paint along with other updates! To start this off, take a look at Jungle Hijinx here:

Say goodbye! Say goodbye!

Now take a look at the SSF2 Beta version of Jungle Hijinx!

Welcome to the jungle! Welcome to the jungle!

That’s right! Jungle Hijinx has gotten a sweet new look! It’s even a floating stage now with its very familiar wooden board finish. Make sure you look out for that flying barrel, it just might save you in a tight spot. This version of the stage is still being worked on (mainly adding to the background), but it seemed fitting to include it in the stage blog anyway so that you guys know what to look out for once it’s done!


Truth be told, that’s not the only stage that got a touch up. In fact, do you remember this stage from some demos ago, or even from the original Super Smash Flash? I hope you do because it’s Mushroom Kingdom II, also known as Subcon. It’s making a comeback, again! Dare to compare?

Oh my, this stage was a nightmare! Oh my, this stage was a nightmare!


No no, this just won’t do, so feast your eyes on this Subcon!

It’s a dream come true! It’s a dream come true!


Yep, Subcon is returning with a fresh new look in SSF2 Beta! Don’t forget to watch out for your not so friendly neighborhood Birdo, and maybe the friendly Pidget riding it’s magic flying carpet.


Happy Easter! Happy Easter!


What a great way to travel! What a great way to travel!


Now Subcon isn’t the only Mario stage coming to SSF2 Beta. I’m hoping that you remember this one a bit more than Subcon. If not, then let me re-introduce to you to a REAL classic stage, Mushroom Kingdom I from the original Super Smash Bros.!

This takes me back! This takes me back!


Comes complete with the Warp Pipes that you can warp through, along with those nasty Piranha Plants.


No thanks! No thanks!


Now that our blast from the past moment is over, it’s time to go over some new stages I promised earlier! Let’s this section off with a stage that you may have seen from our Facebook posts. Behold! The Lake of Rage! Based around the small lake area from Pokemon Gold, Silver, and Crystal!


Looks quite peaceful... Why is it called Lake of-- Looks quite peaceful... Why is it called Lake of--


This stage comes with a somewhat long side of the shore that goes into a forest, and another that’s a small island. It may look nice and quiet, but it won’t be for long… because here comes the Red Gyarados!


Eek! He's huge! Eek! He's huge!


Gyarados isn’t too happy about a battle happening at his lake, so he’s gonna try and clear the area with a classic and deadly move that most Pokemon fans should know. That is, of course, Hyper Beam!


Gyarados used Hyper Beam! Gyarados used Hyper Beam!


We hope you enjoy this stage because it’s gonna be a blast!


However, that’s not the only new stage in SSF2 Beta. Let’s take a look at one our character’s new home stage, Mr. Game & Watch. Welcome to his new stage, Flatzone+! This stage is bigger than your average Flatzone stage, and with our own twist as well!


Looks kinda familiar? Looks kinda familiar?


Note that while the stage does look familiar, there are some pretty huge differences in hazards… but we’ll be going over the hazards in a later blog.


Mr. Game and Watch is really heavy.. help me Meta Knight! Mr. Game and Watch is really heavy.. help me Meta Knight!


Now it’s finally time to introduce to you possibly a first in Smash Bros. history and for SSF2 Beta, Steel Diver! A completely underwater stage for some intense low gravity battles along with some Submarine warfare!


Look at that ocean view! Look at that ocean view!


This stage is from the game with the same name, Steel Diver on the Nintendo 3DS. It makes it debut not as an item like in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS, but as actual playable underwater stage; something that the official Smash Bros. games hasn’t done yet. When hazards are on, characters’ physics are affected, so there are things that are possible here that would normally never be… hopefully you’ll love the results!

Floaty! Floaty!


Well, that’s all for this blog, folks! I hope you enjoyed this, and had a nice read. Oh, and just a friendly reminder – everything shown here (and in other dev blogs) is not final so some things might change. See ya next time!