SSF2 Dev Blog #11 – Audio & Alternate Tracks

Hi everyone, and welcome for another SSF2 dev blog!

I am Chernabogue, a developer from the Audio team and a musician from OverClocked ReMix. You may remember hearing some of my work a few weeks ago in the first Audio blog. Speaking of which, on behalf of the whole Music team, I’d like thank you for the positive reception on the first tracks we presented. But enough talk, let’s dive into what you clicked on the link for!

Today’s blog is a little special, because I won’t be the only one to write it. Every developer from the Music team will present a totally new track they worked on. Yes, you read that right, you’re going to get a big preview of 5 new tracks from the game! Exciting, isn’t it? Let’s start right now and see what our first member has to say!


“Skyloft” by Garrett Williamson

A funk remix of a track from the latest Zelda game. In the Smash Bros. series, some tracks are remixed in ways you wouldn’t expect, and this one is no exception. Even the hero of time can groove from time to time! And so will you when you play SSF2 on this particular stage!

As you can hear, you’re in for a treat! The Audio team worked (and is still working) very hard to arrange new music for the game, and I must confess it’s quite a ride to remix tracks from a lot of different games. Now, let’s get another preview, shall we? This time it’s from the Audio chief himself, Mr. 194!


“Mega Man X Medley” by Carlos ‘194’ Alvarado

Robots, shooting, and great music, Mega Man X is an excellent example of a cohesive soundtrack. It also possesses an strong electronic/rock component, which was a detour from my usual work, and made me work to keep the intensity, and power the stages had.

With so many good tracks to pick on, I couldn’t just set on one, so I worked on this Medley with 4 of the 8 Mavericks. Can you name them all?

Once the Beta is out, you won’t be able to stop dancing to this Robot groove! While the Audio team usually works on 1-track arrangements, some SSF2 songs will feature several music pieces from a game or anime. You just can’t resist a good medley once in a while! Speaking of which, here’s a new medley for you!


“Hidden Leaf Medley” by Andrew ‘ASF’ Fisher

The Naruto series is by far one of the most unique, with beautifully rendered characters and a spiraling plot. Because the original music is so captivating and intense I wanted to fully capture the landscapes of fierce battle. For this particular medley, I primarily outsourced the material and then adjusted tempo, EQed, and added in a few transitioning percussive instruments. Otherwise, the music is the original artwork of Naruto’s world!

As you can hear, the soundtrack really has a diverse category of genres. You will hear many different genres while playing SSF2 – rock, jazz, orchestral, electro, metal, chiptune, etc. Sometimes, you may get surprised by what you’ll be hearing next! But you’re here for more music, aren’t you? Here’s another little tease for you!


“Bowser’s Rampage” by Steve ‘ohaiguy’ Burns

It isn’t Smash until Bowser’s ready to rumble! Bowser, his castle, and his minions have a vast array of fantastic musical themes. With so much to honor, I felt it was best to turn to some of the classics. So, for this track, I used the ‘Castle Theme’ from Mario Kart 64 and many variations of ‘Final Bowser’ from Super Mario 64. This piece features an organ, piano, choir, electronic elements, and a drum set. I hope I’ve made an experience that fans of the King Koopa can appreciate. Prepare to feel his fiery wrath!

What a track – a fitting tribute to Mario’s Nemesis! Before we wrap up this dev blog, let’s get a final sneak peak to the SSF2 soundtrack, this time from yours truly. Like the saying goes, save the be– alright, I’m not writing that!


“Team Rocket Hideout” by Alex ‘Chernabogue’ Mourey

This is the alternate track for the Silph Co. stage. It was kinda obvious to arrange this one for this stage, and I remember now it was speculated by some people at the SSF2 forums. I tried to make it fit the environment and the game’s events: it’s a very dangerous situation, which calls for some powered-up music. Bombastic orchestra? Check. Electro elements? Check. Epic drums? Double check! That’s how you do an epic cinematic remix!

I hope you liked that last one – but also all the other tracks! We’re working very hard to create a lot of new music pieces for SSF2, and it’s a lot of fun. With alternative tracks, you’re guaranteed to get your music fix as we double the number of songs in the game – but you already knew that. How do they work? That’s for another dev blog!

If you liked what you heard, let us know! The Audio team loves getting opinions and tries to improve stuff when needed. And be sure to follow the Music devs on social networks if you want to discover more of their work – and good music, of course!