Ten Years of Super Smash Flash

Hi guys! Today was the 10th anniversary of the original Super Smash Flash!!! It’s absolutely incredible how far we’ve come since August 21st, 2006, both in community, and in Super Smash Flash. This small project made by a young Cleod9 who had only programmed calculator applications and made short cartoons ended up being played over 12,000,000 times. It’s the 12th most viewed game in Newgrounds history, and it’s why we’re all here today!

Of course we have to celebrate…

…Yes, That’s right – we’re currently working on bringing back all of the silliness and mayhem in SSF2’s newest special mode, SSF mode!~

In SSF mode, we’re recreating the entirety of the quirky (and glitchy) engine from the original Super Smash Flash. Here’s what we have so far:
– All attacks hit once per frame
– Hitlag is completely disabled
– Turning around cancels your current attack, and happens instantly
– No more grabbing ledges, shielding, crouching, taunting, teching, or grabbing foes
– Side specials, up specials, down tilts, and down specials are disabled
– Neutral aerial attacks are replaced with neutral specials
– Every character uses the same slippery-slidey physics
– No respawn platforms
– Every attack uses the same knockback physics (higher damage = higher knockback)

Ironically, that makes this…weird special mode the most complicated special mode that we’ve ever added, and has paved the way for some other fun additions in the future. A common request that we’ve gotten is to add Online gameplay to the original Super Smash Flash, and we hope that this helps to satisfy your cravings for slipping and sliding your way into some strange nostalgia trips.

*: Floating islands not included.

**: Neither is that stock punching sound effect used on every attack where did that even come from??