SSF2 Beta Content Creators Program: A few updates.

Hi guys! The response to the SSF2 Beta Content Creators Program has been massive, and a little hard to keep track of and maintain. For this reason, we’re creating some basic guidelines to help streamline the process for applicants and those who review them.

Applicants from YouTube must meet or closely follow the following criteria:

  • Have near 10,000 subscribers.
  • Routinely cover SSF2 or Smash Bros-related content.
  • Game related videos must largely consist of more than just raw gameplay.
  • Videos must not largely consist of controversial content (Provocative thumbnails, sex jokes, etc.)
  • Must meet approval at Developers’ discretion.

Applicants from press must meet the following criteria:

  • Largely cover gaming-related content.
  • Must be hosted independently (please, no WordPress blogs).
  • Must build a case as having a tangible, relevant and/or engaged audience.
  • Must independently register each person looking to cover the game via the website/blog.
  • Website must not contain malicious software or intrusive advertisements.
  • Must meet approval at Developers’ discretion.

We reserve the right to make exceptions or update our criteria if necessary. If you have any further questions, please @ us on Twitter.