SSF2 Hotfix v1.3.0.1 Released

Hey folks! We just pushed a small hotfix patch to SSF2 v1.3 to address a few lingering issues before the holidays kick in. It’s now available on our Play page. Here’s a quick summary of the changes below:

  • Restored knockback stacking capability while in hitstop (with move-specific ability to bypass stacking timer, such as Ness’s PK Fire and Rayman’s Vortex)
  • Ledge-rolls onto narrow platforms now stay onstage
  • Fixed inability to use C-Stick+Grab smashes
  • KOing foes mid-command grab will now result in a proper stalemate
  • Fixed doubling of crowd-cheer when hit multiple times and already in heavy knockback
  • Updated title screen social links
  • Removed pop-up message after successfully loading a replay
  • Other minor character balancing adjustments and fixes

You can view the full changelog here. Also a reminder that past replays will no longer function, so make sure to convert those to video if you want them in a more permanent format. However the original build for v1.3 will remain on our Archives page for your convenience.

Enjoy, and have a happy holidays!