SSF2 v1.3 Released!

As announced, today we’re launching the SSF2 December update! You can enjoy the game over at the ‘Play’ page over at:

As you might have noticed, the version number has gone up from 1.2.6 to 1.3. This means we feel like a significant leap in development has been taken from the last version. Let’s take a look at the content in this patch:

Hone your skills with Character Targest Tests!

Looks familair, doesn’t it?

In Target Test, players compete to see who can get the fastest time breaking all of the targets. With Character Target Tests you can truly show you’ve mastered all the ins-and-outs of your mains. Step it up and show the world you are the fastest, smartest and most agile!

New Feature: Auto-Save Replays

SSF2 can now auto-save replays by turning on the option in the Data menu, including replays for Target Tests. This feature is exclusive to the downloadable version of SSF2. Furthermore, Replay fast-forward/slow-mo/pause capability has been added. Use this to show off your fastest runs in the newly added Character Target Tests.

Character Update: Special Cancels

Ryu can now preform Special Cancels akin to his iteration from the official Smash Bros. and Street Fighter titles. For those not yet aware; Special-Cancelling is a mechanic that allows Ryu to cancel out of his normals by inputting the commands for his special moves (for example, preforming his Up Special, Shoryuken, out of his Up Air or Up Tilt). Using this creatively allows players to create and preform all sorts of new combos. We’re counting on all World Warriors to push Ryu even further!

Character Update: Simon Costumes

Slay in Style

In the Castlevania titles, vampire slaying never goes out of style and now neither will Simon’s costumes! Improved color separation means that his costumes can now feature full pants and sleeves, which makes even more accurate costumes possible for Simon. Whip your way through the horrible night dressed up as beloved Castlevania characters like Trevor, Richter, Leon, Julius or even Alucard!

New Stage: Butter Building

First appearing in Kirby’s Adventure (1993), Butter Building makes its entrance as a stage in SSF2 1.3! This is a moving stage, meaning that fighters will have to scale the building continuously as the fight carries on. Although sadly the building itself does not appear to be edible, the stylized clouds and star decorations make you feel like you just stepped into the world of Kirby. We have prepared two music tracks for this stage, starting with the eponymous Butter Building from Kirby’s Adventure and Bubbly Clouds from Kirby’s Dreamland. But there’s even more music tracks in this update …

New Music

In addition to the aforementioned tracks, our musicians have also composed two other tracks for this demo: Allergia Gardens from Wario: Master of Disguise for the Emerald Cave stage and Break the Targets! (Melee) for Character Target Tests. We would like to invite you to check out these new tracks in the game, whether it’s during frantic Smash battles or during hectic Target Test runs. Take a listen to one of the new tracks over at:

Ganondorf powers through

The King of Evil is a mainstay in the pantheon of video game villains. He’s finally here to take on the roster of Super Smash Flash 2. Ganondorf is a powerful character that focuses on strong, disrespectful hits. Getting hit by his Smash Attacks, Neutral Special, Up Tilt, Down Air or even Jab is extremely dangerous in any situation.

An eternal match-up!

First things first; after careful consideration, we decided to retain his appearance from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (2006) which subsequently also served as his design in both Super Smash Bros. Brawl and the Super Smash Bros for Wii U and 3DS titles. As with all characters however, his moveset takes inspiration from all his appearances in the Smash titles. His alternative costumes however, are largely unique ones, referencing different Ganondorfs like Hyrule Warriors and Ocarina of Time. There are also costumes referencing other Legend of Zelda characters like Zant, Yuga and even Zelda herself (inspired by __Classik__’s rendition of it). To see them in action, you’ll have to play the game yourself though! He has also gotten a variety of new attacks and animations to make him feel like a more unique fighter. We’ll take a quick look at some:


Two of his Special Moves have been changed- Wizard’s Dropkick (Down Special) and Gerudo Hawk (Up Special). For longtime fans the Down Special might seem familiar as it is based on a Custom Special of the same name from Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS. The Up Special retains in large part its function and concepts from the Smash titles, however instead of latching onto foes to zap them with electricity, Ganondorf will always rise up to the apex of the attack and (should he connect the attack) throw foes away from there. We’ve made a completely new animation and effect for it to make it feel more unique and new. Fighters can no longer intentionally get caught by Ganondorf’s Up Special to hinder his recovery, making Ganondorf’s journey back to the stage a bit easier.

His Neutral Air is now Deadman’s Volley. By swinging his arm around, Ganondorf can reflect projectiles. Use this in your menacing approaches with the King of Evil. As a little side note, the classic projectile from Ocarina of Time also shows up in his Up Throw.

Not necessarily new to his Smash appearance at this point, but Ganondorf wields the Sword of Six Sages to preform powerful Smash Attacks. This was added in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate but we really wanted to retroactively incorporate it for Twilight Princess’ Ganondorf. He also takes the sword out for a new taunt, based on Super Smash Bros. Melee. Talk about holistic! We also must mention that Ganondorf’s Final Smash is not quite ready just yet- it will be added in a future update.

Thank you all so much for your support!

Throughout the year we have launched more updates than ever before. The process was equally taxing and rewarding. We have seen some great additions to the game like All Star and Character Target Tests and we’re really proud of where the game is headed. Right now we haven’t figured out a concrete update schedule for 2021 yet and we will take a short break first. Although the year has been great, an update every 2 months is sadly not sustainable for this hobby project. We will continue to consider options and look forward to communicating our ideas about the game with you all via our Social Media throughout next year. Make sure to follow and subscribe. We want to thank you all for all SSF2 videos, tournaments, fan-art, memes and all the time you all spend hanging out with us in our community on Discord and Twitter. We’re glad our hobby project continues to resonate with everyone.

We wish everyone happy holidays and a great 2021. Stay safe!