Announcing the release date…

Hello everyone,

I am excited to announce the release date of the next update for Super Smash Flash 2 (update 1.3.1)!

Although it took longer than we had hoped, we’ve finally passed all the hurdles necessary to prepare the next release. The next update will launch:

August 12th at approximately 3pm EST

Expect a brief period of downtime for SSF2’s online mode around that time as MGN services are prepared for the update.

To recap, this update focuses primarily on bug-fixing, polishing art assets here and there, and will also finally have us reach the milestone of every character having a Final Smash (again) and every playable fighter having a corresponding home stage. We hope you look forward to playing the next update when it launches. Make sure to play lots of matches in the coming days to get a good feel of how much changed when the next update comes!

See you soon!